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Dye-gin-joe is the highest graded sake. The rice polished down at least 50% or less of original size. Flavor and aroma gives finest complex among the four. Dai-ginjyo is often considered the peak of master’s craft. Compare this quality level with the term single vineyard in wine terminology.

CARAFE (300 ml), BOTTLE (720 ml)

Sweet sake will show SMV +number lower.  Dry sake will show SMV+ number higher. SMV (sake meter value) is measure of specific the gravity or density sake


Gin-joe is the rice polished down to 60% of its original size. It is often possess fruity and tend high octane and body to be refreshing on the palate. Ginjyo like the term reserve in wine terminology.


Production since old times. No distilled alcohol is added.
The rice polished to 70 % of original size.